Information About Rajasthan Apna Khata Nakal Land Records

Information About Rajasthan Apna Khata Nakal Land Records

apna khata nakal Rajasthan land records are very important details that help the Government in various ways. Apart from the government authorities, even an individual stands to gain. The land records not only hold information about the owner of the property, but it also consists of everything that is associated with the land. This article provides the information about apna khata nakal land records

In order for the Government to function smoothly in various matters, the apna khata document can provide useful information about the present ownership, the past ownership and even any credit taken against the land. Along with that, you can also track down what kind of land it is and how it is used.

The Indian Government has a few strict norms in place pertaining to the use of the land depending on tit’s type. For example, on agriculture land, the farmers are forbidden to do any major construction over it. In fact, in some cases, there is no construction allow what so ever.

Through the jamabandi document, you can get to know if the land belongs to the Government or is owned by an entity or individual. Even in the court of law, they land documents come in handy to ensure that justice is to serve.

apna khata nakal

In the rural areas of India, the government bodies called village accountants. These also known as Tank, Talati, Patwari and various other names. The same is applicable to the state of Rajasthan. These bodies are responsible to ensure that there are no problems going on.

  • The apna khata nakal also helps the authorized bodies to keep a track how every harvest goes.
  • The apnakhata jamabandi nakal also helps to understand the land revenue for both the private and government-owned land.

Earlier Days who Maintain Apna Khata Nakal information

Earlier, this should do manually, however now, thanks to technology, the work has become a lot easier. With the help of the Khasara, the khata will prepare accordingly. Every village in each Thesil maintains these records and documents them accordingly.

About New Apna Khata Land Record Details

This information stays on the Government record for a period of five years after which it revised. In order to revise the information, the Patwari’s use the information they have and make the necessary corrections. The new changes also updated in the database of the Rajasthan land records

In order to prepare the jamabandi, there is special software to use. Once the document generates, the Patwari will recheck all the information to make sure that is correct.  In case of any mistakes, the necessary changes will make and then sent for printing. A revenue officer will then attest the apnakhata jamabandi nakal to authenticate it

Here’s the Information You Will Find on Apna Khata Records

  • The first and foremost information that should maintain in the apna khata nakal land record is the owner’s names.
  • The next thing that is to maintain in the apna khata document is the time of cultivation the land is capable of.

Thirdly, on the apna khata jamabandi the division of the land in terms of ownership shares etc. This is important especially in the case if the land is own by multiple people.

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