Apna Khata Land Records Registration Process

Log on to the main website of the rajasthan land records in order to access the information you need. This article provides the complete step by step registration guidance for apna khata land record. 

Here is the Step By Step Process Apna Khata Land Record

Step 1 – Select District

To select the district, you would need to visit the apna khata website. On the website, you will have a map of Rajasthan with all the different districts mentioned. The landowner can also select the district name. And this will take him/her to another page.

Step 2 – Select Jilha

On the new page, there will be another map which will give them a variety of choices of areas within that district, to get the jamabandi, they would need to select the Jilha of where the land is.

Step 3 – Select Tahasil

apna khata land record

For the next step of the apna khata nakal, the person has to select the Tahsil they belong to. The older tahsils are marking in a lighter color while the newer ones are dark in color. Based on that, there will redirect to another page where they would have to select the type of jamabandi

Step 4 – Select current/Old

The jamabandi type is basically to understand if the inquiry is based on the old or new set of rajasthan land records. Here, they would need to also select the name of the village where the land is recorded. To make it easy, on the side, there is a Hindi based online keyboard. They can select the first alphabet of the village and choose the name accordingly.

Step 5 – Search by Khata/Khasara/Name/Samast

In the last Apnakhata Step by step Process, the person gets the option of searching via various types of information. They can do a search based on the name, the khata number etc. The person can also get a company of their apnakhata jamabandi nakal

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