How To Get Rajasthan Bhu Abhilekh / Nakal

apnakhata jamabandi nakal are the most important documents and they also act like proof at the time a need. In order to help people get accurate information at the right time, The Rajasthan government has a special portal designed for Land records. Through this portal, a person can access and avail the Bhu Abhulekh or Record of Land Rights based on their personal information.

The apna khata portal provides instant access to land details and information for those who need it. On a regular basis, the records are also printed and sent after a person successfully completes the Apnakhata Step by step Process. These documents are sent out form the apna khata center.

In order to get the apna khata land record, a person can access the website anytime they want. All they have to do is fill information like khasra number, the Khata number, District, and Tehsil option. After choosing the relevant information, they will gain access to all the information that they want. They also have the flexibility to make all the necessary changes to their apna khata jamabandi details whenever they want.

Here is the Procedure to Access Apnakhata Jamabandi Nakal

  • A person needs to visit the main website to get the information of Rajasthan land records. 
  • This main website is made in Hindi so that even a non-English speaking man can access it easily.

apnakhata jamabandi nakal

  • The next that they would need to do is to look out for the submenu option called Apna Khata. This located on the home page itself right on the top center portion. They would need to click on the option to proceed to the next step
  • As soon as they complete that, a page will open which will have the map of Rajasthan
  • Once that happens, the person would need to select the district’s name where their land falls under. After which, they would also have to select the name of their Tehsil.
  • Once you have filled the information and new page will open contains the name of tehsil and district will see on top.
  • To get the apnakhata jamabandi nakal, you would have to choose the current ( Chalu) or last (Gat) information. You also have to select the village name wherein you will redirect to the Nakal page. Here you will have the choices of getting the apna khata land record with the help of the Khata, Khasra, Name or even All Khata choices.
  • After you have selected the relevant option, the next thing is to ensure that you fill in the details needed. In order to get the apna khata jamabandi, you would need to click on the box that says Nakal Pratt Karen.

What are The Benefits of a Person Who Can Access Land Records Online

If a person accesses the Rajasthan land records online, all they can do is check out the information. They can download and take a print out of the information mentioned here. For those who want a copy of the records, they would need to visit the local office or the Kiosk that is authorized by the Government. They can also get to know where the nearest kiosk is on the website itself.

This is all about the apnakhata jamabandi nakal. Hope this article is helpful to you. Please share your suggestions and experiences with us.

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