Apna Khata Lease Land Details in Rajasthan Land Records Portal

apnakhata lease land process program launched in the year of 1995-1996 to provide online service for simple and easy maintenance of records of land. This article provides the complete information to know about apnakhata lease land process in Rajasthan state through a Government portal.

The main motive of it is to know detailed information about lease land, transfer of ownership, legal charges, natural disasters, also irrigation. The software is working successfully in about 42665 villages of Rajasthan

apnakhata lease land process or the Rajasthan Bhu Abhilekh is a scheme of Rajasthan Government which works under the Department of Revenue in Ajmer. The Apna Khata scheme is made and designed by National Informatics Center (NIC) and gives every citizen the records of rights in India. The NIC is working hard on the ApnaKhata project and provides facility to know Rajasthan Online records also Nakal information.

About Apnakhata Lease Land Process Official Website

Through this official site of apnakhata, one can log in to the webpage and get access to get or check the authorized copies of ROR (Records of Right) Nakal. Once you have checked the online records of land, you may get the authorized nakal from selected Kiosks approve by the Rajasthan state government.

The machines are placed in such a place that they can be most conveniently used by the farmers of the state. Any citizen or any local person who has a property in Rajasthan under his name can obtain help for his machine.

The main motive of the Rajasthan government behind this scheme is to provide people a complete record of their land holdings and to prevent their records from getting misplaced or any other miss happening. Through this site, one can easily covey his/her queries or complaints in different departments. Also, the response is very quick and provided online. One may save them for future as a proof. Moreover, fake data related to land records can identify easily by undergoing proper provision.

With the help of apna khata, the mutation status of land can be checked by the people. Title of purchase and sale can be verified. Also, one may check whether the property is on loan or any lease etc.

this helps in protecting people from all the fraudulent activities. The design of the website is according to district or tehsil level. So people may easily select their jurisdiction tehsil to know the details of their land. Forgetting all these information, one may download apnakhata from its official website. All the details of this site can know from www.apnakhata.raj.nic.in.

Getting ROR Lease Land of ApnaKhata Rajasthan Government

Forgetting the details of the apnakhata raj, you need to visit the official website of apnakhata i.e. www.apnakhata.raj.nic.in. You will get all duplicate copies of ROR, land records online, maps and nakal. With the following process, you will get all the information online:

  • The first thing to do is to log on to the official website of apnakhata i.e. apnakhata.raj.nic.in.
  • Check the option “apna khata” in Hindi font and click on it.
  • A complete map of Rajasthan appears before you.
  • Then select your district and enter to district map.

apnakhata lease land process

  • Now select the Tehsil for which need a ROR.
  • Now a web page will appear with a title, “village- Patwar Mandal Bhu Abhilash Niri Britt (Sanwat)”
  • Select the year for which you want to get Jamabandi. You may get Jamabandi for two years one for ‘Gat’ and another is for ‘Chalu’. That means previous and the current year respectively.
  • Then get a complete list of all the villages and select the name of your village.
  • The details can obtain from “Sanvat-2066 to 2071”.
  • Select the name of the village and enter to the Nakal page.
  • Select that option in which you want to get your Nakal. There are 4 possible options: with all khata, with name, with khasra, or with khata.
  • After you have selected any one of the above-mentioned options, you will get the Nakal of the village through Rajasthan Land Records.

It excepted that the NIC department is going to improve its software very soon with a few features through which you can easily access the official website and get information in detail.

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