How To Search Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal in Rajasthan

How To Search Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal in Rajasthan

In this busy schedule of life, everyone wants to get everything as fast as it could be and that too through easy modes and means. Especially in government work, nobody likes to stand in long waiting queues and wait for their chance to come. This article provides the information about the apnakhata Jamabandi details.

The level of education in India is growing day by day and people have started using the latest technology to match up their pace with the western nations. The government departments have put their best to improve their facilities for the common public.

The Government department starts new time-saving technologies for citizens. This helps in avoiding the laziness of government officials as well. NIC is the biggest IT department that provides every minute detail of each state also its village.

Earlier people spent their entire day in revolving all around the tehsil to know the naksha, nakal, jamabandi or fard of their land. This process was quite troublesome. Also, there was a lot of paperwork involved. The patwaris and tehsildars also charged huge money without any reason.

But now the time has changed. With the growing knowledge of internet, citizens can know the details of the revenue department themselves. Rajasthan state has built the biggest network online with the help of NIC through which one may get all the information related to the land records.

All you need is an internet connection also you may get access to khata khatoni, nakal, naksha or the entire state of Rajasthan. is an official website which provides an online facility to the citizens to get information regarding their land in Rajasthan.

Under right information act, the judiciary of India has made an online setup of providing information of the land records without the payment of any fee and without standing in long queues. Given below is the process of getting the naksha or nakal details of your land with the help of this official website.

Steps to Get Rajasthan jamabandi and Apna khata nakal

You may get the online record of your land by using the following two options-

  1. By using the registry papers of the property and telephone number, one may get the land records in the printed form. The registry papers should have khasara Sankhya and khata Sankhya of the land.
  2. In case one does not have his khata number, the following information will help him in getting the jamabandi or nakal of his land.
  • Name of the bank branch
  • Owner’s village name
  • Tehsil’s name
  • Father name of the landowner
  • And property owner’s name

How to get Jamabandi Nakal details by Using Khata or Khasara Number

For obtaining the Rajasthan land record using khasara and khata number, the first thing to do is to visit the official website of apnakhata. Follow the step by step process given below-

  • Click the apnakhata option on the webpage.
  • Then select the respective district, tehsil, and the village name.
  • If the khasra or the khata number is known by you, enter those digits to get the printout of the nakal.


Here’s process to get apna khata or Jamabandi Nakal by Name

To get Jamabandi by name, follow the instructions as given on the official website of apnakhata. Firstly select the name of your district, then the tehsil’s name and now if you don’t know the khata or khasara number of the land, you must enter the land owner’s details on the web page and click on submit button. Your jamabandi will get downloaded and you may obtain the printout of it.


  • The official webpage of apna khata Rajasthan also provides a virtual keyboard for the Hindi language if you don’t know Hindi typing.
  • Apnakhata land records are available online just for informative purpose. The authorized copy of ROR/ Jamabandi Nakal can be received from the kiosks established by Rajasthan Government. And this also mentioned on the official website.
  • Some land records and other related services also mention for fewer locations on the website. The Rajasthan Government is putting its immense efforts in providing all the land records and services online.

Let’s know about Apnakhata Importance

  • To know the mutation status of this Apnakhata site.
  • The land titles at the time of purchase and sale of land are also verified through it.
  • In case of division of land, apnakhata is necessary.
  • To obtain loans or credit for farms from banks or financial institutions, apna khata is necessary.
  • This Apnakhata or Jamabandi can also present in the court to seek help in legal cases.
  • For the opening account in the bank, one should have apna khata statement.
  • Information like Khata number, Khasra number can obtain through Jamabandi.
  • It also shows water-related facility on the land or not.
  • If in the case registered land have any dispute then it also mentions in Apnakhata records

This is the process to search Apnakhata Jamabandi in Rajasthan. Hope this article is helpful to you. Please share your suggestions as well as experiences with us.

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