How To Search Apna khata Khasra Khatauni in Rajasthan Land Records?

How To Search Apna khata Khasra Khatauni in Rajasthan Land Records?

Apna Khata is a project undertaken by a government of Rajasthan and is headed by the revenue department of Rajasthan in Ajmer. The main intention of the project is to provide right information of land in Rajasthan state. This article provides the process to search Khasra, Khatauni in Apna Khata Rajasthan land records

The records are maintained online also their authorized copies are obtained from the Kiosks in the state.The land owner’s record can be obtained by selecting the name of tehsil, Khata or the account along with the khasra or the serial number on the official website of apna khata i.e.

Khasra: khasra is a legal document for agricultural land that specifies the crop as well as land details in India. Traditionally, khasra was meant to show the area of field, measurement, owner, and type of cultivation, cultivators employed, type of soil, as well as the trees, are grown on the land.

Khasra Number: Department of revenue of each state provide this Khasra Number (Land parcels numbers for identification). This number is unique in a village. If not, then ask the nearest office of land records or NIC to make necessary corrections.

Khatauni: Khatauni an abstract which is created on the basis of Khasras of any village which depicts the land holdings of a family or individual. All the khasras which belong to the same individual will get listed in the Khatauni of that individual.

Khewat: it is the list of land holdings of the owner.

Khewat-khatauni: it is a combination of both Khatami and khewat.

Know about Khasra Khatauni Rajasthan Land Records details

The rajasthan state located at the north-western boundary of India. The state is at the border of Pakistan. There are many historical also ancient places in the state. The state has gained its popularity through its art also architecture. There are many forts reminding us of historical symbols also their prosperity. The total area under state is three lakh forty-two thousand two hundred thirty-nine square kilometers. As per census 2015, the entire population of the state is 73.53 million. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan.

rajasthan land records

The program of land records starts from 1995-96.To make simple as well as easy maintenance of the land records government start this online service. The main aim of the program is to provide a detailed information of lease land, transferred ownership, legal changes, natural disaster, also irrigation. The department is successfully providing its services in a total of 250 tehsils as well as 42665 villages of the state.

What are the Online Rajasthan Land Records Advantages

  1. For proper management of record of land.
  2. To get land records in the computerized form.
  3. For reducing the possibility of data loss.
  4. To increase transparency in the system of land records.

Know about Apna Khata Website for Rajasthan State

The apnakhata official website for Rajasthan state is divided into two parts:

  1. The first part of the website: To know the details of khatauni, khata or fard.
  2. The second part: District Collector, BOR, Chairman BOR also the Administrator.

Getting Online Records of Nakal, Khatauni, also Khata From the Official Website of Revenue Department of Rajasthan State

The government collects the funds as well as transfer to four districts of Rajasthan because to establish the modern technique of land records at each tehsil. The work is going at a speedy pace for establishing modern rooms of records in every district in Rajasthan. Forgetting excellent VPN connectivity between district headquarters and tehsils, the central server work has been handed over to the center for national informatics of India.

This service can save the money and time of the people as well as Government. With the help of this process computerized information jamabandi, apna khata, Bhu Ana khata etc. People can use this service at any time also at any place. It is the very easy process to get land records online after done computerized records.

Step by step Guide to search Khasra Khatauni in Apna khata 

Step 1:

To know fard details, khatauni, khata, also land records, one has to visit apna khata official website which is Once you have reached the homepage of this website, select apna khata or the district in the map of state for which you want to know the land records.

Step 2:

You will redirect, After selecting the district Select the name of the tehsil from the map to check the jamabandi nakal.

Step 3:

Now you can select the first letter of the name of the village from the box given along the right side of the screen. This will show you the name of all villages starting with that letter. Select your village. You have only 2 options like the current year or the previous year. Choose any one of them and proceed.

Step 4:

A new webpage will appear to you. There will be several options for checking land records like my name, my account etc. Select any 1 option for them. Here enter the necessary details and finally click on ‘get a copy’ option

rajasthan land records

Here ends the process to search Khasra Khatauni in Apna khata Rajasthan land records. Hope this article is helpful to you. Please share your suggestions also experiences with us.

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